Divergent Thoughts

Have you ever found yourself doing something only to realize that you don’t know why on earth you’re doing it? I’m having one of those exact moments as I’m writing this first entry to a blog that I didn’t ever have plans to make, and yet here I am writing. I don’t know what the theme of this blog will be, or if it’ll even have a theme at all. This may just end up being a compilation or random thoughts and ideas with no real purpose, or perhaps it could end up being something more. Maybe I’ll be able to make it into something helpful for people, though I haven’t the slightest idea how I’d pull that off. Anyway, enough rambling about what on earth this could end up being; at this point, I should probably tell you some things about myself.

I’m a male and currently 24 years old, though that second part may be subject to change over time. For the most part I live alone with my dog who weighs in the range of 120 pounds. She’s a rather vocal dog, and I don’t mean that she barks a lot. She makes various odd vocalizations that sometimes end up sounding like a cow mooing, though she doesn’t seem to like having it pointed out to her that she sounds like a cow. Despite living on my own I have people who come over to help with things that for what ever reason I can’t get done myself.  I suppose the litany of mental disorders I have been diagnosed with at least gives some explanation as to why I can’t do things, even if I want nothing more in the world than to be able to do them myself, but it doesn’t make having to have help with everyday things any less maddening. It’s almost like there’s an invisible wall between me and those things, and all I have to use to get past the wall is a rusty spoon.  And no, this isn’t me trying to get a pull of sympathy or attention using the issues I have, I’m just trying to give you a better idea  of the person who will be writing the posts for this blog. Because of the cluster (word that I probably shouldn’t use here) that is the screwed up wiring in my brain, I tend to see things from a different angle than most other people.

Considering I love to write I’ll most likely post short stories or bits of other stories, possibly even some poems, on here along with whatever other stray thought I write into a post, and maybe if I’m really lucky I’ll manage to entertain a person or two with it all. Will you be one of those people? I hope so, I do like entertaining people.

Here’s hoping you’ll be joining me again in the next post,

Divergent Thoughts

2 thoughts on “Divergent Thoughts

  1. Her cow mooing is pretty darn cute…I didn’t know she doesn’t appreciate being referred to as a cow. 🙂 Also, do not underestimate what you can do to help people– as a compassionate young man, rusty spoon and all, I believe in you. Just don’t stop trying, and perhaps you’ll accidentally help people as you’ve accidentally started a blog. Also, I spelled accidentally wrong both times above, and had to use auto-correct to figure out how to spell it. Also take two–stop getting older… it makes me feel old! love.


    • One of the things about putting yourself out there is that you might never know when you have impacted the life of another person…you won’t necessarily get that feedback, but what you can know with confidence is that by sharing your thoughts and insights you open the door to that possibility and that is a big deal. Good reads!


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