Things Once Known: A poem of sorts

Music can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to writing, and this little poem is the product of listening to a song on loop.  “Outside” By Hollywood Undead for those who want to know what the song was, and trying to match the over all feel of the song i wrote this.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


Things Once Known


Once upon a time I knew many things

Once upon a time I knew how to laugh and sing,

I knew the warmth of having love fully shared,

If only I had acted with more caution and care.

A fool of a child, I didn’t understand how precious it was,

A fool of a man, I forgot the damage a harsh word does.

They say that hindsight is twenty twenty,

But looking back now the errors of my way simply pain me.

Errors that I will never forget,

Memories of things I’ll always regret.

So with scars in my heart I keep my back to the past,

Awaiting the day I heal at last.

To once again remember how to laugh and sing,

To once more know the warmth love can bring.

5 thoughts on “Things Once Known: A poem of sorts

  1. I have written poetry all of my life. Sometimes I read other’s poems and even though I don’t know the genesis of their expressions, if I take something away that is okay. Your poem makes sense to me. We all have scars in our heart but perhaps having our back to the past lets us move forward though the pain and the wisdom that comes with life experiences. Each step is taking us where we are going….not a clear or easy path but keep moving forward! Keep writing! Nancy


  2. Thank you for sharing this poem. everyone has a moment of harsh words they regret, or not realizing the treasure they possessed until it slipped through their fingers. I think the best we can do is remember, today, to be thankful for what we have. To be the kindest we can be. To treasure the treasures we have. You are a treasure, and I am thankful for you! Keep writing brother 🙂


  3. Your writing and your poetry are powerful.

    We all make mistakes, we all say things we may regret and we all look back and see where we could have taken a different path in life. The most important thing to remember is that the path in front of us is always the path forward and I believe you are moving in the right direction.

    Keep writing, keep sharing and keep looking forward!


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