The Damage of Lies

From what I’ve picked up from various comedians and shows, it seems like the stereotypical male has this problem with lying about things. I don’t know if that stereotype holds any water, but the entire concept of lying doesn’t make sense to me. Is it so hard to just be honest and tell people the truth of things? Sure, the truth of things might not always be pleasant, hell at times it can be downright heart breaking. Yet at the same time if you tell the person a lie that’s more pleasant than the truth, what do you do when they find out the truth from another source? They’ve just found out that you lied to them, and regardless of the reason, lies in general lead to the loss of trust in the person who told the lie. Once you start lying to people about things, how can they ever know for sure when you’ve stopped lying to them? You can apologize for it and say you’ll never do it again, but you can’t escape the things you’ve said and the damage they may have done. How do you rebuild that trust?

Wouldn’t it be easier instead to simply stick with telling the truth, no matter how ugly or painful that truth may be? Sure it might hurt, but at least they’re hearing it from you rather than mixing whatever that painful thing was with the pain of having been lied to? Honesty about everything is my personal policy, even if it’s something that I know won’t go over well or could cause trouble for me. By just telling the truth up front; it lets you deal with whatever negative reaction that it might bring right away, rather than letting those feelings (mixed with however they feel regarding that lie) build and fester into something worse.


While the end result of telling the truth may not always be the great, it’s still much better than the lie.

3 thoughts on “The Damage of Lies

  1. I agree in general, with the caveat that some things are just better left unsaid. If someone asks specifically for information, then the truth is generally the best (and safest) response. I say safest, because if you make something up you may not remember it correctly, and then get caught in giving conflicting evasive answers. We see politicians do that all the time. If you respond with the facts as you know them, then you can be consistent. But it is not necessary to volunteer hurtful things. Keeping one’s opinion to oneself is not lying; it is just not pushing an unpleasant truth on someone unnecessarily.


  2. yes, I completely agree. And while we’re at helping people not lie, how about also pondering how well the world would work if everyone just did their jobs to the best of their ability 🙂 I know this gets to our whole family!
    Love Ya and keep up the writing!!


  3. Totally agree. My daughter is a compulsive liar. Totally lost trust in her. Especially as lying has now become an habit. Bit really gets to me. I cannot understand even why she lies. This post just reminded me how annoying lies can be..


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