An Older Poem 

On more or less a random impulse I’ve decided to share some of my older  work.  This is from ~2008.

Hope you enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


The Looking Glass

What do you see in the looking glass?
Do you see things that have been, or things yet to pass?
Do you see the rain, or clear blue sky?
Do you see what makes you laugh, or what makes you cry?
Do you see a life begins, or when it ends?
Do you see your enemies, or those you call friends?
Do you see what you love, or that which you hate?
Do you see freedom, or do you see fate?
Do you see the path you walk, or the one you shun?
Do you see hope, or do you see it undone?
Do you pick up your glass and take a drink?
Or do you simply stare at it and think?
What do you think will come to pass,
When you drink from your looking glass?

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