Madness Manifest: A poetic thing

For the sake of trying something new and possibly interesting; I decided to write a poem based on one of the two RP characters i use. I decided to go with the newer of the two, and this poem is the end result.

Enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


Madness Manifest

So many whispers in his head,
But he almost never knows what they’ve said.
Countless minds all broken and mixed,
Give rise to the creature that cannot be fixed.
An unnatural existence distorted and strange,
With a twisted mind that will never change.
His emotions are twisted to form a cage,
A fragile restraint for his violence and rage.
Instincts drive him to hunt and kill,
Impulses he fights down through force of will.
Ever on guard from threats unknown,
Never relaxed his paranoia has grown.
Yet bright eyes and a sweet smile is all most people see,
As he hides from them the monster he could be.

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