Paralyzed, a poem of sorts

Not all problems that people have can be seen at a glance.  Learning someone’s internal struggles requires more than a quick glance. Not all problems that people have have an answer as to cause, and there’s not always a way to make things better. This poem is an attempt to put words to my own problems.

Enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts



I want to go, but my body won’t move.
My nerves are screaming like i’m under attack,
Yet i’m sitting alone, safe and secure.
Why isn’t wanting to go enough to get there?
Why must I fight my mind and body for everything i do?
It’s maddening, demoralizing, and constant problem in my life.
The harder i fight those feelings, the more they fester and grow,
Fester and grow well beyond my control.
They’re  blocking my every move.
Stopping almost any attempt i make to move forward.
People can’t really see the war that i fight,
The constant battle with problems that seem to have no solution.
Even as hopeless as it may seem to be,
I still try to fight my way through this wall that no one can see.
To give up this fight is to die inside.
So i fight it, hoping some day to find a way to win.
Till then these baseless thoughts and emotions seek to paralyze me,
Sometimes they succeed, but I’ll fight them to the end.
I still have things i want to do in my life,
My reasons to commit myself to this daily grind.
Someday, i know that i’ll win.
Till that day, my internal war shall rage ever on.

One thought on “Paralyzed, a poem of sorts

  1. Oh man. I love you so much and I believe you can win and will win. And, in every moment you feel like you won’t, we are here to help you stand. We are always here.

    Towards the writing, this is one of my favorite poems–the rhythm is perfect, the word choices great. I like this so much.

    The Sister

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