Dancing With a Shadow: a poem

I actually wrote the title for this poem yesterday, and only now got the poem itself finished. It turned out decently I think, so hopefully you’ll enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Dancing With a Shadow

The silent foot fall of every step,
The soundless song that guides the dance.
An invisible partner with which you waltz,
That shadow you stare into with longing eyes.
The face you see that isn’t there,
The soft touch you desire but never feel.
With each movement you dance alone,
Alone with only the dancing shadow to keep you company.
IT has no face and it has no voice,
But you can still see and hear what you wish it had.
Someone you lost along the way,
Someone you miss more than words can say.
You dance with the shadow of those memories, Yet even as you dance with their shadow,
You still dance alone.

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