Separation Anxiety: A poem

Three days I stared at the same document, waiting for an idea to write. Then three minutes after I finally had an idea, I finished it.  It’d be nice if I could cut down the time it took to come up with something to write, but that aspect seems to be all based on luck currently.  An imaginary gold star to the first person that figures out who’s point of view the poem is from.

Anyways, enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Separation Anxiety

Where are they?
Where have they gone?
Without warning they left,
Leaving me on my own.
There was no good bye from them,
No pause to even tell me they were leaving.
They’re just gone and i don’t know where.
When will they be coming back,
When will i see them again?
Please, don’t leave me here all alone,
Don’t leave me to drown in my loneliness.
The world feels so dark and cold when they’re away,
Please come back for me, don’t leave me all alone.

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