Social Anxiety, A poem of sorts

After I showed someone the poem I wrote before this one they suggested writing one on social anxiety, but I said that I was just going to rest and relax instead. So, here’s the poem.

Divergent Thoughts


Social Anxiety

Such a big crowd,
So many people bustling around.
I can feel their eyes on me,
Those eyes that judge every aspect they can see.
Their voices echoing around me,
So deafening that i can’t hear my own thoughts.
I’m sure some of them are mocking me,
Mocking me without even knowing my name.
They’re all too close,
Like a sea of bodies smothering and crushing me.
Why can’t they all just stay away,
Why can’t they all just leave me alone.
I wish those toxic whispers would stop,
And those judging eyes to look away.
I don’t even remember why i’m here
There are too many sounds,
Too many people.
I wish they would all just leave me alone
Now, i just want to be home

3 thoughts on “Social Anxiety, A poem of sorts

  1. you do an incredible job capturing the feeling of anxiety in this poem. I hope that you can Learn to say no to These feelings, to find a community
    That accepts you and doesn’t leave you feeling this way! I love you and am Proud of the effort you make each day!


  2. I enjoy reading your poem & it was almost like you were in your child’s head & gave a very good description of all that runs through the special child’s head when they are in an uncomfortable, overcrowded,strange situation & mAkes them very uncomfortable in that environment.

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    • One of my goals when I write a poem like this one is to try to make it so people who don’t have social anxiety issues can have some clearer understanding of what that experience is like, and having first hand experience with it did help make writing it easier.

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