No Way Out: A Poem

Just to be clear up front, this poems is not based on how I’m feeling currently. It’s based on feelings that i know far too well.

Divergent Thoughts


No way out

Living in soul crushing despair,
No way in sight to get out of there.
No path to break free of the dark,
Stuck forever in a world cold and stark.
Happiness is just a tormenting word,
Your laughter is almost never heard.
The misery squeezes at your heart,
So with a bottle of whiskey the drinking starts.
Drinking to drive away the pain,
Every shot another swallow with nothing to gain.
Yet the more you drink the deeper you sink,
Deeper and darker till death is all you think.
A note written to family and friends,
With a razor, a gun, or perhaps a noose; everything ends.


If this poem matches with how you’re feeling, then i encourage you strongly to seek help. You might not feel like it’s worth the effort, that your existence doesn’t seem worth saving. You might think that you won’t be missed, but there will always be those who would suffer if you die.

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