Something to Nothing

Something to Nothing

i loved the way she smiled and loved to hear her laugh.
Even just the sound of her voice could get me high.
It was an ephemeral high that some part of me knew wouldn’t last.
But ever wishful and hopelessly smitten i ignored that painful feeling.
Even as the relationship started to wither in it’s own way i pretended it was all okay.
Ever the hopeless romantic never wanting to let go,
I watched the smiles and bliss turn to a festering sore in my heart.
The love was still there, and the hope for things to get better still burned.
Yet I knew that the dream i had was twisting into a haunting whisper.
The cruel whisper of what i wanted and what would likely never be.
Finally tired of the pain, I took a knife to my heart and mind.
Carving out the feelings that made things hurt,
Then cutting away the dreams that haunted and taunted me.
Where once i had something bright and pure,
Now there is nothing, nothing but the scar to remind me it was real.

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