Dancing in the Snow: An older poem of mine

So here’s another older poem of mine while i try to think of something new. This one is dated 2011 in the folder it’s in, though it feels like it’s much older than that. Anyways, enjoy the read

Divergent Thoughts


Dancing in the snow

Two lovers spun in a graceful dance midst the falling snow,
Happiness and joy being all that they’d hope to ever know.
They laughed and smiled in sheer delight,
As they danced away that Winter night.
The world keeps spinning and time keeps passing,
Sadly nothing is eternal lasting.
Snow turned to rain as Winter to Spring,
They wondered what the new season would bring.
Time passed and the world spun on,
One found the other gone.
The forlorn lover looked in vain,
And soon his tears became the rain.
Spring turned to Summer and Summer to Fall,
The forlorn’s happiness seemed hidden behind a wall.
Tears of rain became tears of snow,
Though the world will probably never know.
As two lovers spun a graceful dance they didn’t know,
There was sadness in the snow.


You weren’t expecting a happy poem, were you?

One thought on “Dancing in the Snow: An older poem of mine

  1. Haha…well, maybe hopeful for an occasional happy poem 🙂 I like how you use the seasons here!! Beautiful full circle you take us I !


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