Unsent Letters, a poem

After what feels like an eternity i finally drag something short out of my brain and get it written, and again i have music to thank for getting anything done.  “Rain” By Hollywood Undead being my salvation this time. Anyways, hope you enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Unsent Letters

Words that we write on the page,
Things we’re too scared to say.
The truths of our thoughts,
And feelings raw and pure.
All scrawled out on a single letter.
Fear and indecision leave it resting on the desk,
Hesitation to show them everything leaves it still.
In the end the letter is filed away,
Unsent and unread, but the words stay the same.

2 thoughts on “Unsent Letters, a poem

  1. What an interesting poem-and one I can relate to. If I have something difficult to say, I almost always have to write it down. Easier to say difficult things on paper, and yes, then you must find the courage to send the letter. 🙂


  2. Music is such an amazing catalyst…I get that connection. You have a great bent for saying what many of us think and feel yet cannot or do not articulate. Out of the head and onto “paper” is a bfd. Appreciate the share.


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