Shattered Glass: Another older poem

Here’s another old poem of mine while I work at writing something new.  Trying to think of a witty remark to make before this just feels wrong for this poem, so just enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Shattered Glass

At each others throats in another fight,
Each one wanting to prove they’re right.
It always seems to go the same,
Just a conflict that has no aim.
She screams about how he drinks,
He yells about how she winks.
Now the accusations are being thrown,
The pent up anger is being shown.
She slaps him hard across the face,
Hearts pound at a furious pace.
He throws her back into the wall,
A glass framed picture starts to fall.
The picture’s smiles drop away,
Along with hopes for a better day.
Watch it drop and hit the ground,
Cringe at that explosive sound.
But they don’t notice the shards fly,
And they don’t hear the child’s cry.

5 thoughts on “Shattered Glass: Another older poem

  1. I’d like to note this is not representative of our own family 🙂 thankful we we’re my to grow up in a loving home. Only our rambunctiousness broke things in the house!!! Sorry dad…


    • I was thinking i should make note of that before the poem if i put up another one like this. I was fortunate enough to be blessed with an awesome family. I’m not sure if I should call my level of empathy a blessing or a curse; amazingly unpleasant at times, yet at other times i have use it to write about things I’ve never experienced as if I’d been through it myself.


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