Stitches, another poem.

This time it was the song “I Play Dead” by Demon Hunter that got put on loop to draw out the lurking idea for a poem, or in this case putting my feelings into words. I find it somewhat odd that, while I’m usually rather shy, i don’t hesitate at all to throw my emotions out for others to see.

That aside, I hope you enjoy the read

Divergent Thoughts



There are stitches in my heart.
Stitches to keep it from falling apart.
Stitches for wounds that refuse to heal,
Emotional damages i don’t want to feel.
Love bloomed then thrown away,
Leaving wounds that always stay.
Shaking hands bring the needle to flesh
Fragile threads to close a wound so fresh.
Even when those wounds seem only a memory,
The stitches can break, a cruel reminder of how things used to be.
Painful and bleeding as if it were new,
I can only think of one thing to do.
Another set of stitches to stop the blood and the pain,
With bitter tears falling into the new blood stain.

2 thoughts on “Stitches, another poem.

  1. I want to give you a big hug…darn the 2000 miles between us!
    I actually stopped Khang to read this to him, and we both agreed-incredible. The imagery, the ending, the flesh, the pain. I think you should consider sharing this one more broadly…can you submit it somewhere?
    Your talent is starting to shine so brightly brother. With love, K


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