A Jealous Man: A poem

To be clear, the following is not something I have any personal experience with. The absurdity that is my empathy seems to be enough to let me experience the feelings, or something close to what the feelings would be, when it comes to things like this.


A Jealous Man

A strong man with a beautiful girl at his side,
He’s a jealous man who wants her eyes only on him.
His hands clench tight when he sees her talking to anyone else,
Feelings boil inside till he’s about ready to burst.
But he keeps it bottled up, never shows it when they’re out,
But when they’re alone he lets it all out.
The frustration and rage of this jealous man always leave a mark,
Be it a new bruise she hides or a new pain in her heart.
Why is it that she hides her trouble and pain?
Is it because she loves him too much, or some sense of shame?
When will the day come that she’s had too much,
Or will it be the day that he goes too far?

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