The Heart That Isn’t Mine: Another poem

Putting things i feel into words is much easier than trying to say them out loud ever will be, so i write the things that i cannot get myself to say.

Divergent Thoughts


I know it’s not mine, but I treasure it all the same,
The tender whisper of your heart, even if it’s not whispering my name.
I can only dream that one day it might speak of me,
Though that might be a day that i never see.
My hope and longing never seem to die,
Killing them is something i did try.
Even when i thought they were gone, your voice brought them back.
It seems the conviction to truly give up is something i lack.
Is that my blessing, or is it my curse?
Despite the pain it may cause, the thought of being without you is worse.
So i stay as i am, the foolish pup who fell for you,
Quietly wishing that his dreams might come true.

One thought on “The Heart That Isn’t Mine: Another poem

  1. Love you and sending you a giant hug! Don’t kill hope, but find more places to place your hope. There are hopes that will never fail you if you look in the first place! 1 Corinthians 13:4-8


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