The Cost of Pride: A poem

Another poem prompted by music i was listening to, but this time i don’t know what song it was that did it. All i remember was hearing the word ‘pride’, and suddenly i had an idea to run with. I didn’t check what song was playing, I just wrote what had finally come to mind. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


The Cost of Pride

Head held high and confidence abound,
The man never let his knee touch the ground.
Too proud to ever give up, he always gave it his all.
One could say that was his best trait, but that trait led to his fall.
One day the man took on a task far too big to do alone,
Convinced he could do it all, efforts to help he would not condone.
The people who knew him could see the task was more than he could take,
Shunning those efforts to help proved to be his biggest mistake.
He worked himself nearly to death every day,
That forced effort seemed to be eating him away
Then came the day that his body gave out,
The proud man lay broken and riddled with doubt.
Even as he fell from the ladder he never knew,
There were some things even the strong need help to do.

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