Paranoia: Another Poem

So i was just sitting thinking about what i wanted to write next; The word ‘Paranoia’ came to mind after awhile, so i wrote a poem trying to capture that feeling in words. I’ll let you judge if i captured the feeling of paranoia right.

Enjoy the read

Divergent Thoughts



They’re watching me, all of them.
They’re listening to everything I say.
Nowhere is safe from their eyes and ears,
I think even my family is on their payroll.
They’re always plotting and planning something,
I need to find a way to protect myself from them.
They’ll know if I go to buy a gun, they’ll see me if I get a knife.
What am i supposed to do with Big Brother watching me.
They probably even know that I’m typing this,
My phone and computer are undoubtedly bugged.
All I know for sure is that Big Brother is watching me,
He’s always watching me.

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