Who You Are

And here’s yet another one of my older poems while i try to think of some fresh material.

Divergent Thoughts


Who You Are

Time for all to look, look into your self.
Do you like what you see, or does it not match?
Are you your own person, or are you influenced by others?
Do you let others dictate your actions, or do you carve your own path?
Time for all to remember, remember what your life has been till now.
Look hard and long, think about what you see.
Does your path reflect who you want to be, or does it reflect what they want you to be?
Time for all to think, of the future now.
Whip out that crystal ball and see, see where this path of yours will lead.
See if it’s your path, or one carved for you.
Is it one you’d like for you to go, or one that they’d love for you to go?
Consider this now and heed my words.
This life is yours to live,
Not theirs.
These are your choices to make,
Not theirs.
Instead I encourage you to just be,
Who you are.

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