Red Carpet

This one took me a bit longer, or it felt like it did, since I’m having trouble holding my focus at the moment, so it’s probably not the best work I’ve ever done. My current goal is to manage at least one new poem a day, so I can’t exactly be too picky on the days where the mind isn’t working at it’s best. Anyways, hope you enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Red Carpet

When you have your chance to shine,
To see your name in the headlines.
Will it be fifteen minutes of fame,
Or your fifteen minutes of shame?
What would you do for that fleeting time,
Where all eyes are on you for your glory or crime?
Would you trample the dreams of ones you know,
Or build them up for their time to show?
Will you be loved for what you’ve done,
Or hated by the people you’ve shunned?
Never forget the people that held you up high,
Or you’ll find yourself alone at the end of the line.

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