My goal to get a poem written every day hasn’t really been going well, I’ve had a persistent headache for probably over a week now on top of an ever annoying dose of writer’s block. So far every time I’ve tried to write something, the headache has gotten worse, and this time was no different in that aspect. However, i did get it finished. Enjoy the read folks.

Divergent Thoughts



God i want it.

You know i need it,

Need it all for myself.

Something to give me that high,

The high that i miss so much.

You know there’s only one thing that does it,

Only that one thing that lifts me up to the sky.

The more i do it the more i need it,

I can never have enough things to write.

One thought on “Hooked

  1. So proud of you for persevering and getting this written. Thankful your drive to write can even be an inspiration for you. Hope the headache goes away soon!!!


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