The Last Sanctuary

It seems that i was correct in assuming that medication i had started was causing the writer’s block, we stopped it a few days ago and once again I’m managing to churn out some poems.  Hope you enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


The Last Sanctuary

All windows are shattered,
All doors broken down.
You know they’re coming for you,
Yet you don’t know why.
Nothing left to guard you,
No one there to save you.
You sit alone on the cold stone floor,
The cold floor of this broken sanctuary.

2 thoughts on “The Last Sanctuary

    • A writing prompt that Adam gave me “Telepathy”. A person’s last sanctuary is in their own head, but if people could read minds even that last sanctuary could be broken into and invaded. So the ‘who is coming’ could actually be more than a few different things. Thoughts and feelings that you want to get away from, someone trying to get into your head in the case of ‘telepathy’ prompt, or just normal people trying to interact with you when you just want to be alone with yourself,


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