Can You Hear Them?

Another poem that i feel like i should preface by saying “No, this is not something that I’ve had happen to me.” I told myself i wasn’t going to move or do anything else till i wrote something, so it ended up with me giving a glance at a mind with issues I’d rather not have. So again; No, i don’t hear them.

Enjoy the Read

Divergent Thoughts


Can You Hear Them?

Can you hear them calling?
They want you to play with them,
They want you to join the fun.
Can you hear them whispering to you?
Whispering about things that people did,
Or things they said behind your back.
Can you hear them suggesting things?
Little ways that you could get your revenge,
Things to make sure they never do it again.
Can you hear them laughing?
Laughing at a life in shambles,
And the blood on your hands.

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