No Inspiration

I’ve been sitting staring at a blank word document for probably over an hour now, trying to find an idea to write and failing horridly. In the end I just wrote what, in my mind at least, equate to groaning and complaining about the problem. But never the less; it’s nice to get something written.

Enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


No Inspiration

There’s no spark of an idea,
No light to guide the words.
Yet still i try to get myself to write,
Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it gets done.
A story, a poem, or even a random blurb,
They all have an equal value in the white world.
So now i grind my mind against the page,
Forcing words from it without any real aim.
As long as words get put to the page,
The resulting headache is worth the pain.

3 thoughts on “No Inspiration

  1. There is no greater persistence than the one of trying to formulate your non existing thoughts. But what is great about you’re situation is that you have taken control of the situation, of the writers block and decided to write something, in this case about how you cannot write. And that is amazing. 🙂

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  2. I’m so proud of how persistent you are… praying for something that will inspire you today. I”m not sure you’ve written much about Girly… or about dance… or about the various places you’ve lived. I like to use writing to process through things that were wonderful–reliving them for pleasure–or through things that were difficult, that I can help my mind deal with the hurt. Just some vague ideas about things I’d love to hear you write about! I’m back on the wards, but still checking in on you!
    Love, the sister 🙂


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