One Hundred Wing Beats

So after several days of not getting any writing done to post on here i decided to again post an older poem of mine. So, i hope you enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


One Hundred Wing Beats

The tiny thing made not a sound,
With one wing beat it left the ground.
It tried to make it up to the sky,
But its wings seemed not ready to fly.
The butterfly didn’t seem to care at all,
It didn’t seem bothered by the first fall.
With another wing beat it took to the air,
For a moment it flew without care.
That moment passed and down it plopped,
Still it didn’t seem bothered when it dropped.
Then came try three and four and so many more,
Each one a failed attempt to soar.
Ninety-nine tries the butterfly took
Ninety-nine times it fell with a pathetic look.
On that one final desperate try,
That butterfly gave its best to fly.
Wings caught by winds so soft,
This time the butterfly stayed aloft.
One hundred times it took to the air,
Till finally it met the skies so fair.
So fly on sweet butterfly fly forever on,
Your dreams shall carry you to that beautiful dawn.

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