I’m going to be uploading something I’ve written in the time I haven’t been posting them here, so expect a few more posts today.

This one I wrote for a little challenge I saw on Facebook, the prompt for it was “Beauty Queen.” I meant to write something positive when I started it, and by the end of it I could safely say that I really failed at that goal

Divergent Thoughts


Such a pretty girl, a dainty girl,

With a sweet smile and chiming laugh,

Sweet gestures to enthrall the boys.

A charming girl, a lovely girl.

She’s kind to everyone that she meets,

Giving love and compassion to those in need.

A wonderful girl, a beautiful girl.

With a body just as sweet as her face,

Just being around her makes my heart race.

A sweet girl, a tempting girl.

I can’t take my eyes off her when she’s around,

I’d do anything for her attention.

A desirable girl

What can I do to make her notice me?

How can I make her love me?

A loveable girl.

She said my name!

She smiled my way!

The only girl

She’s all I can think about,

All I want is for her to be mine.

The desired girl.

I must have her for myself,

There’s only one thing I can do

Only one thing I can do to make her mine

The only way to make her

My girl

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