Traveler’s Log 1 Introduction: Cyackle

This is the introduction/teaser to a story I’m working on for my Patreon account, and I’ve been told I should upload it here as well. I don’t have a whole lot uploaded on it yet, but that is something I intend to remedy over time.

Divergent Thoughts


“So, Cyackle, do you have any idea why I’ve called you here?” The faceless Watcher asked the person sitting across the table from him, though the one sitting across from him wasn’t exactly human. It had the head of a dog and an almost human like body, though the parts of it that were visible were all covered in fur.

“I’m guessing it’s the usual show and dance. You need a problematic person in some realm to stop being problematic, generally by means of killing them, to make sure they don’t cause any instability for the realm itself.” Cyackle replied, and after a short pause to let out a dull sigh he continued, “Most likely you’ve either decided it’s not worth bothering the big gun, or you asked him and he told you it was too boring for him.”

“Actually; you were my first pick for this mission, and it’s a rescue operation rather than killing someone. Doesn’t that sound nice for a change?” The Watcher said, and for a moment Cyackle stared at him silently as he thought about it.

“Alright; I’ll bite. There must be some reason you’d pick me first for a rescue mission of all things, and for the love of all don’t tell me it’s something about redemption. I’m a neutral entity, my actions don’t require redemption.” The hound replied dryly as he leaned forward to rest an elbow on the table so he could set his head on it.

“Oh I’m fully aware your current actions don’t need any redemption, but how would the people back home feel about you not needing redemption? Maybe you should just ask them now, after all how many of them make up that body of yours? One hundred, a thousand, or perhaps more than that?” That remark successfully got Cyackle to look at the table rather than the Watcher, which seemed to be what he was after.

“Now that we’ve gotten that pleasantry out of the way, let’s move on to the actual subject at hand.” The Watcher said before tapping the table causing a projected image of a world to form over it, and with a little wiggle of his finger the view zoomed into a small dot on the largest continent. “I want you to infiltrate the magic research factory in this country’s capital, that’s where your rescue targets are.”

“What’s so special about this that I’d be your first pick? I’m sure there are other Walkers who could do the job.”

“That’s true, but I thought this one might be of particular interest to you. The ones you’ll be rescuing are children being used as test subjects for magic experimentation.” The Watcher paused for a moment to examine the look of pain and rage that briefly formed on Cyackle’s face, “Yes, I thought that might strike a nerve with you.”

“Do I have any contacts in the realm for this mission?” The hound asked as he got his temper back under control.

“I’ll only give you further information if you choose to accept the mission.” The Watcher said rather firmly, a statement that earned a hollow laugh and a grin from the one across the table.

“Yeah, I’ll take the damn mission,” Cyackle said before looking to where the Watcher’s eyes would be if he had any to begin with.

“Your primary contact is one Debra MacArthur, she has the location of the research facility and information about it you will need to accomplish your objective. At last communication with her, she was setting up a meeting with her man on the inside.” The Watcher paused for a moment to bring up a projection of the woman so Cyackle would know who he was looking for before continuing, “That was two days ago, she has likely set up the meeting by now.”

“Alright, open a path to the last point you made contact with her. With a bit of luck, she set the meeting point close to there.” Cyackle said as he stood up and moved towards the open doorway that lead in and out of the Watcher’s Sanctuary.

As the Watcher moved to open the rift to the destination, he asked Cyackle one last question. “How lucky are you feeling?”

With a bit of a grin, the canine looked back over his shoulder at him and replied, “Not even slightly.”

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