Shallow Grave

Shallow Grave

What did he do to deserve this?
Was it really just because of that one kiss?
A kiss from someone more beautiful than life,
A kiss from someone who was another man’s wife.
That fleeting moment that felt like it lasted forever,
The damning moment that would have them buried together.
Still holding hands as they wished they could be saved,
But two shots in the dark filled the cold grave.

The Looking Glass

On more or less a random impulse I’ve decided to share some of my older  work.  This is from ~2008.

Hope you enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


The Looking Glass

What do you see in the looking glass?

Do you see things that have been, or things yet to pass?

Do you see the rain, or clear blue sky?

Do you see what makes you laugh, or what makes you cry?

Do you see a life begins, or when it ends?

Do you see your enemies, or those you call friends?

Do you see what you love, or that which you hate?

Do you see freedom, or do you see fate?

Do you see the path you walk, or the one you shun?

Do you see hope, or do you see it undone?

Do you pick up your glass and take a drink?

Or do you simply stare at it and think?

What do you think will come to pass,

When you drink from your looking glass?

A Jealous Man: A poem

To be clear, the following is not something I have any personal experience with. The absurdity that is my empathy seems to be enough to let me experience the feelings, or something close to what the feelings would be, when it comes to things like this.


A Jealous Man

A strong man with a beautiful girl at his side,
He’s a jealous man who wants her eyes only on him.
His hands clench tight when he sees her talking to anyone else,
Feelings boil inside till he’s about ready to burst.
But he keeps it bottled up, never shows it when they’re out,
But when they’re alone he lets it all out.
The frustration and rage of this jealous man always leave a mark,
Be it a new bruise she hides or a new pain in her heart.
Why is it that she hides her trouble and pain?
Is it because she loves him too much, or some sense of shame?
When will the day come that she’s had too much,
Or will it be the day that he goes too far?

Running Away

Still trying to run as he hit the ground,

Trying to escape the tormenting sound.

The little whisper echoing in his ear,

Saying all the things he doesn’t want to hear.

When he hears the scream he gets up to run,

As it reminds him of the things he has done.

Even as he falls and his head hits the dirt,

He can still hear the cries of the people he hurt.

He can never escape the monster he built,

He will never escape from the feeling of guilt.

He should have watched the things he said,

Because you can never escape what’s in your head.


Trust and Fear: A Poem

A long time ago i was somewhere that was dark with a friend of mine who was normally afraid of the dark, but for some reason it didn’t seem to be bothering him. When i asked him why he wasn’t afraid his response was along the lines of “There’s nothing that could be out in the night that’s scarier than you.” I took that as a compliment.


Trust and Fear

Shadows so dark that terrorize your mind and heart,
The fears from which your nightmares start.
Let me wipe away those tears,
Let me burn away those fears.
Just take my hand, let me hold you tight,
I won’t let anything hurt you at night.
Let me be the light that burns the shadows away,
Let me keep them at bay till the light of day.
Let me be the fiend that hunts the demons in your head,
Let me be the shield that keeps you safe in your bed.
Just trust in me then you’ll see,
Those shadows aren’t nearly as scary as me.

Madness Manifest: A poetic thing

For the sake of trying something new and possibly interesting; I decided to write a poem based on one of the two RP characters i use. I decided to go with the newer of the two, and this poem is the end result.

Enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


Madness Manifest

So many whispers in his head,
But he almost never knows what they’ve said.
Countless minds all broken and mixed,
Give rise to the creature that cannot be fixed.
An unnatural existence distorted and strange,
With a twisted mind that will never change.
His emotions are twisted to form a cage,
A fragile restraint for his violence and rage.
Instincts drive him to hunt and kill,
Impulses he fights down through force of will.
Ever on guard from threats unknown,
Never relaxed his paranoia has grown.
Yet bright eyes and a sweet smile is all most people see,
As he hides from them the monster he could be.

Things Once Known: A poem of sorts

Music can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to writing, and this little poem is the product of listening to a song on loop.  “Outside” By Hollywood Undead for those who want to know what the song was, and trying to match the over all feel of the song i wrote this.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


Things Once Known


Once upon a time I knew many things

Once upon a time I knew how to laugh and sing,

I knew the warmth of having love fully shared,

If only I had acted with more caution and care.

A fool of a child, I didn’t understand how precious it was,

A fool of a man, I forgot the damage a harsh word does.

They say that hindsight is twenty twenty,

But looking back now the errors of my way simply pain me.

Errors that I will never forget,

Memories of things I’ll always regret.

So with scars in my heart I keep my back to the past,

Awaiting the day I heal at last.

To once again remember how to laugh and sing,

To once more know the warmth love can bring.