Spin, twist, roll, thrash,

Revel in these feelings that last.

The burning of desire, hunger, lust,

The sweet feelings you shouldn’t trust.

Yet all the same it feels so right,

To give into these pleasures through the night.

Let those feelings slowly eat you away,

Draw them out all through the day.

Oh how wonderful it does feel,

To have those desires made real.

Bask in them as you slowly fade,

For the price of pleasure must be paid.

Traces of Memories

It’s been way too long since i managed to get something written up and posted on here, but i finally managed to put words on a page again. It’s rather maddening when i can’t think of anything to write. With that said, enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Traces of Memories

Every broken dream,
Those little traces of memories.
Memories of what was,
Dreams of what could have been.
They’re still there even if they fall apart,
Drifting through the shadows of the mind till they fade away.
I still remember them even as broken as they are,
When you can’t let go of the past they will never fade.
Do they still drift in your mind,
Or have you forgotten those little things?

Shallow Grave

Shallow Grave

What did he do to deserve this?
Was it really just because of that one kiss?
A kiss from someone more beautiful than life,
A kiss from someone who was another man’s wife.
That fleeting moment that felt like it lasted forever,
The damning moment that would have them buried together.
Still holding hands as they wished they could be saved,
But two shots in the dark filled the cold grave.

Take The Time

More idle musing on a rather simple subject, but still something that’s rather important to do in my mind.

Enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


Take The Time

Wait for a minute, take it slow,
The people you love, you should learn to know.
Learn to know what lies in their heart,
Learn how to keep their dreams from falling apart.
The surface you see only tells what they hold outside,
Take your time to learn the things about them they hold inside.
That glance at the surface will only get you so far,
So take your time to talk to them, learn more about who they really are.

Before You Speak

After a few days of not getting anything new posted, it feels rather nice to finally get something new put up. It’s nothing really fancy, just something i thought of while talking to someone. That aside, enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Before You Speak

Those words that you’re about to say,
Have you considered what they might cause?
A simple sentence at the wrong time can cause damage,
A few words at the right time can brighten someone’s day.
Speaking from anger can tear relationships apart,
Speak instead from love to strengthen those bonds.
It’s not always an easy thing to stop and consider what you’re about to say,
But those few moments of thought can make a world of difference in the end.

Wherein Dreams Begin

From ~ 2008-9 

Hope you enjoy the read,
Divergent Thoughts


Wherein Dreams Begin

Just take a breath and hold it in,

Come join me wherein dreams begin.

Let’s wipe away those daytime tears,

And scare away those nighttime fears.

Just listen to the heart’s soft melody,

Then in this place of magic you will be.

The stars over head are the dream’s fresh start,

Each an honest wish of the heart. 

Countless places you can go,

From an ocean beach or a world of snow.

Imagine the beauty you can find,

When your only limit is your mind.

If your heart can dream of a place,

It won’t just be a hope you  chase.

Simply close those lullaby eyes,

Picture these star dotted skies.

It will be there twinkling on high,

Now take a breath and reach for the sky.

Picture your star’s soft gleam,

Then open those eyes and see your dream.

Come join me wherein dreams begin,

Just take a breath and hold it in.


Love Songs

If the title is leading you to think this is going to be a happy poem, i feel like i should inform you of something before hand. It’s not.

Divergent Thoughts


Love Songs

A cruel mockery of a lonely soul,
These things we call love songs.
For those with love, they’re warm and bright,
For those without, they grind in what we lack.
They’re a reminder that we’re alone,
Without a partner to share our life with.
These love songs that play in my head,
They serve only to drive in the pain.
They haunt me, they taunt me.
Reminding me of the thing I want,
Yet they provide no helping in its pursuit.
Those tormenting words that I want to get out,
To get them out of my head and never come back.
But without fail, those songs will play.
Reminding me of what I want each and every day.

The Heart That Isn’t Mine: Another poem

Putting things i feel into words is much easier than trying to say them out loud ever will be, so i write the things that i cannot get myself to say.

Divergent Thoughts


I know it’s not mine, but I treasure it all the same,
The tender whisper of your heart, even if it’s not whispering my name.
I can only dream that one day it might speak of me,
Though that might be a day that i never see.
My hope and longing never seem to die,
Killing them is something i did try.
Even when i thought they were gone, your voice brought them back.
It seems the conviction to truly give up is something i lack.
Is that my blessing, or is it my curse?
Despite the pain it may cause, the thought of being without you is worse.
So i stay as i am, the foolish pup who fell for you,
Quietly wishing that his dreams might come true.

Stitches, another poem.

This time it was the song “I Play Dead” by Demon Hunter that got put on loop to draw out the lurking idea for a poem, or in this case putting my feelings into words. I find it somewhat odd that, while I’m usually rather shy, i don’t hesitate at all to throw my emotions out for others to see.

That aside, I hope you enjoy the read

Divergent Thoughts



There are stitches in my heart.
Stitches to keep it from falling apart.
Stitches for wounds that refuse to heal,
Emotional damages i don’t want to feel.
Love bloomed then thrown away,
Leaving wounds that always stay.
Shaking hands bring the needle to flesh
Fragile threads to close a wound so fresh.
Even when those wounds seem only a memory,
The stitches can break, a cruel reminder of how things used to be.
Painful and bleeding as if it were new,
I can only think of one thing to do.
Another set of stitches to stop the blood and the pain,
With bitter tears falling into the new blood stain.

Unsent Letters, a poem

After what feels like an eternity i finally drag something short out of my brain and get it written, and again i have music to thank for getting anything done.  “Rain” By Hollywood Undead being my salvation this time. Anyways, hope you enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Unsent Letters

Words that we write on the page,
Things we’re too scared to say.
The truths of our thoughts,
And feelings raw and pure.
All scrawled out on a single letter.
Fear and indecision leave it resting on the desk,
Hesitation to show them everything leaves it still.
In the end the letter is filed away,
Unsent and unread, but the words stay the same.