There’s no one around, no one to see

It seems the world decided to let me be.

I thought I’d feel free with no one around,

No one to make those annoying sounds.

Yet now I find this silence crushing,

I can hear my heart beating, my blood rushing.

It feels like this silence will tear me apart,

My thoughts, my mind, even my heart.

I must find a way out of this silent place,

I panic, I run, from the silence I race.

Yet as far as I run there’s no one to find.

No one to save me from this place in my mind.

Sing, Dance, and Burn

Sing, dance, and burn in the fire,

Is it true love or lustful desire?

A soft touch and a sweet smile,

Sends the heart rushing a mile.

Passion brews and adds to the flame,

Love and lust can burn all the same.

Dance, spin, and give them a kiss,

Hold their hand while you make your wish.

Will it be just a night of fun,

Or perhaps you think they’re the one.

Deep inside it’s all still burning,

Love, lust, passion, yearning.

When the fire dies and the ashes fall,

Will you still feel at all?

Devil’s Whisper

Haunting taunting voices in my head,

Whispering things to fill my heart with dread.

They’re conspiring with the monsters under my bed,

And with the beasts lurking in the closet.

They whisper in my ear and say my name,

They think this nightmare is just a game.

Night and day it’s all the same,

These taunting whispers that never end.

They drag my mind to the depths of hell,

Through the burning circles I fell.

To the devil my soul they sell,

Then in my ear he whispers.

“This game has only reached its start,

I promise you I’ll tear your soul apart.

When the fear finally stops your heart,

Only then will the game be done.”

No Inspiration

I’ve been sitting staring at a blank word document for probably over an hour now, trying to find an idea to write and failing horridly. In the end I just wrote what, in my mind at least, equate to groaning and complaining about the problem. But never the less; it’s nice to get something written.

Enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


No Inspiration

There’s no spark of an idea,
No light to guide the words.
Yet still i try to get myself to write,
Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it gets done.
A story, a poem, or even a random blurb,
They all have an equal value in the white world.
So now i grind my mind against the page,
Forcing words from it without any real aim.
As long as words get put to the page,
The resulting headache is worth the pain.

Shallow Grave

Shallow Grave

What did he do to deserve this?
Was it really just because of that one kiss?
A kiss from someone more beautiful than life,
A kiss from someone who was another man’s wife.
That fleeting moment that felt like it lasted forever,
The damning moment that would have them buried together.
Still holding hands as they wished they could be saved,
But two shots in the dark filled the cold grave.

The Last Sanctuary

It seems that i was correct in assuming that medication i had started was causing the writer’s block, we stopped it a few days ago and once again I’m managing to churn out some poems.  Hope you enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


The Last Sanctuary

All windows are shattered,
All doors broken down.
You know they’re coming for you,
Yet you don’t know why.
Nothing left to guard you,
No one there to save you.
You sit alone on the cold stone floor,
The cold floor of this broken sanctuary.

In the Shadow of Mistakes

I was in bed half way asleep when I wrote this one, turned out the decision to put my chromebook by my bed was a good idea after all. Enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts

In The Shadow of Mistakes

It can be such a heavy weight to bear,
The memories of what we’ve done.
Shadows of past mistakes that weigh heavily on the mind,
Things we’d rather forget that never seem to go away.
Each one is a painful lesson learned,
Lessons that our emotions won’t let us forget.
As heavy as theses shadows are we can’t let them stop us,
We can’t let them keep us from living our lives.
Hold the lessons close and never let them go,
But let go of the feelings that weigh you down.
We can never undo the mistakes we’ve made,
But we can learn from them so we don’t repeat our mistakes.

Red Carpet

This one took me a bit longer, or it felt like it did, since I’m having trouble holding my focus at the moment, so it’s probably not the best work I’ve ever done. My current goal is to manage at least one new poem a day, so I can’t exactly be too picky on the days where the mind isn’t working at it’s best. Anyways, hope you enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Red Carpet

When you have your chance to shine,
To see your name in the headlines.
Will it be fifteen minutes of fame,
Or your fifteen minutes of shame?
What would you do for that fleeting time,
Where all eyes are on you for your glory or crime?
Would you trample the dreams of ones you know,
Or build them up for their time to show?
Will you be loved for what you’ve done,
Or hated by the people you’ve shunned?
Never forget the people that held you up high,
Or you’ll find yourself alone at the end of the line.

A Surprise to Me

I think this qualifies as idle musing as much as it does a poem. It’s just me putting words to the thoughts in my head, nothing too fancy over all. Of course it comes to mind right after I post an older piece for the sake of at least having something uploaded today.

Divergent Thoughts


Once upon a time, I didn’t think I’d like writing poetry,
So when i finally wrote a poem and enjoyed it, it was a surprise to me.
I found myself liking something i never thought that i would,
From then till now, I’ve written as many poems as i could.
It’s like an addiction that doesn’t require any pay,
My drug of choice, free to be done any day.
People even seem to like the words i weave,
Regardless of the feelings those words might leave.
So i write them for myself and for others to enjoy,
Words are my favorite tool now, and even my favorite toy.

Who You Are

And here’s yet another one of my older poems while i try to think of some fresh material.

Divergent Thoughts


Who You Are

Time for all to look, look into your self.
Do you like what you see, or does it not match?
Are you your own person, or are you influenced by others?
Do you let others dictate your actions, or do you carve your own path?
Time for all to remember, remember what your life has been till now.
Look hard and long, think about what you see.
Does your path reflect who you want to be, or does it reflect what they want you to be?
Time for all to think, of the future now.
Whip out that crystal ball and see, see where this path of yours will lead.
See if it’s your path, or one carved for you.
Is it one you’d like for you to go, or one that they’d love for you to go?
Consider this now and heed my words.
This life is yours to live,
Not theirs.
These are your choices to make,
Not theirs.
Instead I encourage you to just be,
Who you are.