Something on the older side, but I didn’t see it on the list of things I’ve posted here already.

Divergent Thoughts



I can see a flicker in the distance,

A faint light dancing in the gloom.

With each passing moment I worry that it’s going out,

I worry that the world will go dark again.

Even though I’ve never been close enough to feel its warmth,

I still cherish that distant dancing light.

I can only imagine how warm it must feel,

To know the touch of that little light in a world of dark.

As much as a yearn to feel it,

I dare not get any closer.

I dare not do anything to risk putting out that dancing light,

The only light I can see.


Sing, Dance, and Burn

Sing, dance, and burn in the fire,

Is it true love or lustful desire?

A soft touch and a sweet smile,

Sends the heart rushing a mile.

Passion brews and adds to the flame,

Love and lust can burn all the same.

Dance, spin, and give them a kiss,

Hold their hand while you make your wish.

Will it be just a night of fun,

Or perhaps you think they’re the one.

Deep inside it’s all still burning,

Love, lust, passion, yearning.

When the fire dies and the ashes fall,

Will you still feel at all?

Love Songs

If the title is leading you to think this is going to be a happy poem, i feel like i should inform you of something before hand. It’s not.

Divergent Thoughts


Love Songs

A cruel mockery of a lonely soul,
These things we call love songs.
For those with love, they’re warm and bright,
For those without, they grind in what we lack.
They’re a reminder that we’re alone,
Without a partner to share our life with.
These love songs that play in my head,
They serve only to drive in the pain.
They haunt me, they taunt me.
Reminding me of the thing I want,
Yet they provide no helping in its pursuit.
Those tormenting words that I want to get out,
To get them out of my head and never come back.
But without fail, those songs will play.
Reminding me of what I want each and every day.