A Little Boat Called Hope

My mother said she wanted me to put this one up on here because it’s one she liked, so here again is one of my older poems. Enjoy the read folks.

Divergent Thoughts


A Little Boat Called Hope

As I floated away on my little boat called Hope,
I found I had lost my safety rope.
There’s no link back to safe dry land,
I’m much further out than I had planned.
There’s no land near that I can see,
I wonder where on earth I could be.
I’m stuck at sea on my little rubber raft,
It’s such an old worn down little craft.
There’s gum and tape plugging some holes,
And the frame is supported by thin wooden poles.
The color has long since faded away,
My little boat sure has seen better days.
But as sure as a kite will rise and fall,
This beaten down boat has pulled through it all.
It floats on toward a distant dream,
Off into the morning’s brilliant gleam.
I can only pray my little boat will hold,
And that I won’t meet the ocean’s cold.
As long as I’m in this little boat here,
I know the future I need not fear.
I found I had lost my safety rope,
As I floated away on my little boat called Hope.


Wherein Dreams Begin: An older poem to offset the gloom

So i managed to scrounge up an older poem of mine that’s of a happier nature than past few that I’ve posted on here, or at least it’s my idea of happier. I’ll let you decide if it’s happy or not. Either way it goes, enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Just take a breath and hold it in,
Come join me wherein dreams begin.
Let’s wipe away those daytime tears,
And scare away those nighttime fears.
Just listen to the heart’s soft melody,
Then in this place of magic you’ll be.
The stars over head are the dream’s fresh start,
Each an honest wish of the heart.
There are countless places you can go,
From an ocean beach or a world of snow.
Imagine the beauty you can find,
When your only limit is your mind.
If your heart can dream a place,
It won’t just be a hope to chase.
Simply close those lullaby eyes,
Picture these star dotted skies.
It will be there twinkling on high,
Now take a breath and reach for the sky.
Picture your star’s soft gleam,
Then open those eyes and see your dream.
Come join me wherein dreams begin,
Just take a breath and hold it in.

Dancing in the Snow: An older poem of mine

So here’s another older poem of mine while i try to think of something new. This one is dated 2011 in the folder it’s in, though it feels like it’s much older than that. Anyways, enjoy the read

Divergent Thoughts


Dancing in the snow

Two lovers spun in a graceful dance midst the falling snow,
Happiness and joy being all that they’d hope to ever know.
They laughed and smiled in sheer delight,
As they danced away that Winter night.
The world keeps spinning and time keeps passing,
Sadly nothing is eternal lasting.
Snow turned to rain as Winter to Spring,
They wondered what the new season would bring.
Time passed and the world spun on,
One found the other gone.
The forlorn lover looked in vain,
And soon his tears became the rain.
Spring turned to Summer and Summer to Fall,
The forlorn’s happiness seemed hidden behind a wall.
Tears of rain became tears of snow,
Though the world will probably never know.
As two lovers spun a graceful dance they didn’t know,
There was sadness in the snow.


You weren’t expecting a happy poem, were you?

Something to Nothing

Something to Nothing

i loved the way she smiled and loved to hear her laugh.
Even just the sound of her voice could get me high.
It was an ephemeral high that some part of me knew wouldn’t last.
But ever wishful and hopelessly smitten i ignored that painful feeling.
Even as the relationship started to wither in it’s own way i pretended it was all okay.
Ever the hopeless romantic never wanting to let go,
I watched the smiles and bliss turn to a festering sore in my heart.
The love was still there, and the hope for things to get better still burned.
Yet I knew that the dream i had was twisting into a haunting whisper.
The cruel whisper of what i wanted and what would likely never be.
Finally tired of the pain, I took a knife to my heart and mind.
Carving out the feelings that made things hurt,
Then cutting away the dreams that haunted and taunted me.
Where once i had something bright and pure,
Now there is nothing, nothing but the scar to remind me it was real.

Falling Apart; A short Poem

This poem was literally written in less than three minutes. I know this for sure because the song that inspired it is just over three minutes long, and I started half way through it and finished before it ended. “Undone” By All That Remains, in case you’re wondering what i was listening to.

Falling Apart

It’s coming apart,
Falling apart at the seams.
The design never made it past start,
Crumbling now into broken dreams.
Hopes of success crumble to dust,
Grand plans now tattered and lost.
Things said we thought we could trust,
The lies told hold the steepest cost.

Change of Pace: A Poem

As my way of celebrating the first comments, likes, and following by someone that isn’t related to me by blood i decided to try to write something more positive and cheerful. Key word, Try. I’ll leave it for you to decided if i actually managed to make something somewhat cheerful or not.

Enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Change of Pace

Hope for the best but be ready for the worst,
That’s the way my mind goes about things first.
A faint ray of light amidst the doom and gloom,
But never bright enough to light up the room.
I’ve grown accustomed to the lack of light,
I’ve made myself at home in the dark of night.
Yet sometimes a brighter light does come along,
I hope it’ll last even while i expect to be wrong.
Yet even as pessimistic as my view is i can’t help but grin,
It’s a change of pace that I’d so love to stay in.
Yet as the clock ticks it slowly fades away,
But sometimes, just sometimes, the memory of it stays.