Devil’s Whisper

Haunting taunting voices in my head,

Whispering things to fill my heart with dread.

They’re conspiring with the monsters under my bed,

And with the beasts lurking in the closet.

They whisper in my ear and say my name,

They think this nightmare is just a game.

Night and day it’s all the same,

These taunting whispers that never end.

They drag my mind to the depths of hell,

Through the burning circles I fell.

To the devil my soul they sell,

Then in my ear he whispers.

“This game has only reached its start,

I promise you I’ll tear your soul apart.

When the fear finally stops your heart,

Only then will the game be done.”


My View on Life

I was having a conversation with my sister when self improvement came up, which then led me to put words to how I look at things. It’s a rather simple view, but i felt like writing it out anyways. With that said, enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


My View of Life

Life is a constant struggle to improve ourselves,
Without it stagnation sets in and erodes who we are.
To stop is to accept that stagnation and rot away,
To stop is to accept the death of who could be.
Movement is what keeps us alive,
It doesn’t matter which way you go as long as you don’t stop.
It doesn’t matter if we lose progress in our movements,
As long as we’re alive we can change and improve on what we lost.
Forcing ourselves to keep moving isn’t always easy,
But we can’t afford to stop trying no matter how hard it is.