Spin, twist, roll, thrash,

Revel in these feelings that last.

The burning of desire, hunger, lust,

The sweet feelings you shouldn’t trust.

Yet all the same it feels so right,

To give into these pleasures through the night.

Let those feelings slowly eat you away,

Draw them out all through the day.

Oh how wonderful it does feel,

To have those desires made real.

Bask in them as you slowly fade,

For the price of pleasure must be paid.


Sing, Dance, and Burn

Sing, dance, and burn in the fire,

Is it true love or lustful desire?

A soft touch and a sweet smile,

Sends the heart rushing a mile.

Passion brews and adds to the flame,

Love and lust can burn all the same.

Dance, spin, and give them a kiss,

Hold their hand while you make your wish.

Will it be just a night of fun,

Or perhaps you think they’re the one.

Deep inside it’s all still burning,

Love, lust, passion, yearning.

When the fire dies and the ashes fall,

Will you still feel at all?


Hell!  That’s what I’m going to write about.

The mess that was the hollow shell of my life, all the things my family had to put up with.
Sure I have issues, everyone does, but what’s left of my conscience leaves me with guilt.
It’s kind of ironic, the sadomasochistic nut feeling guilty for causing pain; however,
watching someone falling into the bottomless pit of misery is a pain no one should have to feel.

When I’m falling, how do I know what watching feels like?
When you lose sight of the stars, of your dreams, you know you’ve found hell.
You see yourself and all you’ve sunk into and you hate it.
Over time the hate of the situation turns to self-hatred, you despise what you’ve become.
You look for ways to make it better, lashing out when people try to take you from the “fix”.
The thing that dulls the pain it’s not a fix. That thing that dulls the pain is not a fix.

That thing is a mask, hiding your misery from yourself just like you hide it from everyone else
The pain of falling into nothing, you’re sure it is worse than death.
Why don’t you give in and die?!!

Not your pain this time.  Even in the dark the heart can shine.
You live so others won’t know the pain
You live for your family and friends
You live for everyone who would suffer if you ended your life.

Without love it will kill you.
There! you see another star
After sooo much pain;
There is light again

Written 2009

Take The Time

More idle musing on a rather simple subject, but still something that’s rather important to do in my mind.

Enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


Take The Time

Wait for a minute, take it slow,
The people you love, you should learn to know.
Learn to know what lies in their heart,
Learn how to keep their dreams from falling apart.
The surface you see only tells what they hold outside,
Take your time to learn the things about them they hold inside.
That glance at the surface will only get you so far,
So take your time to talk to them, learn more about who they really are.

The Looking Glass

On more or less a random impulse I’ve decided to share some of my older  work.  This is from ~2008.

Hope you enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


The Looking Glass

What do you see in the looking glass?

Do you see things that have been, or things yet to pass?

Do you see the rain, or clear blue sky?

Do you see what makes you laugh, or what makes you cry?

Do you see a life begins, or when it ends?

Do you see your enemies, or those you call friends?

Do you see what you love, or that which you hate?

Do you see freedom, or do you see fate?

Do you see the path you walk, or the one you shun?

Do you see hope, or do you see it undone?

Do you pick up your glass and take a drink?

Or do you simply stare at it and think?

What do you think will come to pass,

When you drink from your looking glass?

Love Songs

If the title is leading you to think this is going to be a happy poem, i feel like i should inform you of something before hand. It’s not.

Divergent Thoughts


Love Songs

A cruel mockery of a lonely soul,
These things we call love songs.
For those with love, they’re warm and bright,
For those without, they grind in what we lack.
They’re a reminder that we’re alone,
Without a partner to share our life with.
These love songs that play in my head,
They serve only to drive in the pain.
They haunt me, they taunt me.
Reminding me of the thing I want,
Yet they provide no helping in its pursuit.
Those tormenting words that I want to get out,
To get them out of my head and never come back.
But without fail, those songs will play.
Reminding me of what I want each and every day.