Can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.

This overwhelming panic has me on my knees.

Looking up at the sky praying please Lord, please make it stop,

I can’t take it anymore it feels like my heart is about to pop.

One more surge of panic feels like the end.

Then bury me and to heaven, my soul send.

I can hear the devil laugh as I gasp and strain,

Laughing at my fear and this growing pain.

This perpetual anxiety just won’t let me be,

So release my soul and set me free.

Free to arrive at another hellscape,

Perhaps this fear I won’t ever escape.


Sensory Overload

So, mother suggested that i do a poem to try to capture the feeling of a sensory overload that most if not all people on the autism spectrum are prone to. I’ve had some experience with sensory overloads myself, so I thought I’d take a shot at doing what she suggested and try to capture that feeling with words. Hopefully this will help someone somewhere get a better understanding of what that’s like.

Divergent Thoughts
Overwhelming Sensation

Everything i see, all the things i hear
It’s much more than my mind can process.
The overwhelming flood of sensations wreak havoc on the mind.
I want to escape it and find somewhere to hide,
Somewhere to hide from this flood of sensation.
But trapped with no way out, i can feel my thoughts breaking down.
Agitation and panic rise in response to it all.
They build and bubble till it all boils over,
I want to get away from it, i need to get away from it.
Find somewhere safe from it all.
Somewhere quiet, somewhere calm.
So please, just take me home.