Spin, twist, roll, thrash,

Revel in these feelings that last.

The burning of desire, hunger, lust,

The sweet feelings you shouldn’t trust.

Yet all the same it feels so right,

To give into these pleasures through the night.

Let those feelings slowly eat you away,

Draw them out all through the day.

Oh how wonderful it does feel,

To have those desires made real.

Bask in them as you slowly fade,

For the price of pleasure must be paid.


Sing, Dance, and Burn

Sing, dance, and burn in the fire,

Is it true love or lustful desire?

A soft touch and a sweet smile,

Sends the heart rushing a mile.

Passion brews and adds to the flame,

Love and lust can burn all the same.

Dance, spin, and give them a kiss,

Hold their hand while you make your wish.

Will it be just a night of fun,

Or perhaps you think they’re the one.

Deep inside it’s all still burning,

Love, lust, passion, yearning.

When the fire dies and the ashes fall,

Will you still feel at all?

Smoke Signs

Smoke Signs

Come on, light the flames of your desire,
Watch that burning passion building higher.
A column of smoke to let the world know,
Let it know which way you’re going to go.
Will you take off running, or strike a leisurely pace?
Are you going to bring people along, or be alone in your race?
Your path may twist, your path may turn,
Just remember to hold onto each lesson you learn.
Remember your lessons or you may lose your way,
But don’t worry, you can try again another day.