There’s no one around, no one to see

It seems the world decided to let me be.

I thought I’d feel free with no one around,

No one to make those annoying sounds.

Yet now I find this silence crushing,

I can hear my heart beating, my blood rushing.

It feels like this silence will tear me apart,

My thoughts, my mind, even my heart.

I must find a way out of this silent place,

I panic, I run, from the silence I race.

Yet as far as I run there’s no one to find.

No one to save me from this place in my mind.


A Surprise to Me

I think this qualifies as idle musing as much as it does a poem. It’s just me putting words to the thoughts in my head, nothing too fancy over all. Of course it comes to mind right after I post an older piece for the sake of at least having something uploaded today.

Divergent Thoughts


Once upon a time, I didn’t think I’d like writing poetry,
So when i finally wrote a poem and enjoyed it, it was a surprise to me.
I found myself liking something i never thought that i would,
From then till now, I’ve written as many poems as i could.
It’s like an addiction that doesn’t require any pay,
My drug of choice, free to be done any day.
People even seem to like the words i weave,
Regardless of the feelings those words might leave.
So i write them for myself and for others to enjoy,
Words are my favorite tool now, and even my favorite toy.