Stray Thoughts

What watches us from the veil of night?

What is hiding from the touch of light?

A ghost with a past of blood and pain,

Whispering of revenge in the wind and the rain?

Is it a man condemned lying in wait,

Or the restless dead with hunger to sate?

It’s in every sound you hear,

That brushes your heart with fear.

They’re demons we have inside our minds.

Those stray thoughts we can’t seem to bind.


In the Shadow of Mistakes

I was in bed half way asleep when I wrote this one, turned out the decision to put my chromebook by my bed was a good idea after all. Enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts

In The Shadow of Mistakes

It can be such a heavy weight to bear,
The memories of what we’ve done.
Shadows of past mistakes that weigh heavily on the mind,
Things we’d rather forget that never seem to go away.
Each one is a painful lesson learned,
Lessons that our emotions won’t let us forget.
As heavy as theses shadows are we can’t let them stop us,
We can’t let them keep us from living our lives.
Hold the lessons close and never let them go,
But let go of the feelings that weigh you down.
We can never undo the mistakes we’ve made,
But we can learn from them so we don’t repeat our mistakes.

Running Away

Still trying to run as he hit the ground,

Trying to escape the tormenting sound.

The little whisper echoing in his ear,

Saying all the things he doesn’t want to hear.

When he hears the scream he gets up to run,

As it reminds him of the things he has done.

Even as he falls and his head hits the dirt,

He can still hear the cries of the people he hurt.

He can never escape the monster he built,

He will never escape from the feeling of guilt.

He should have watched the things he said,

Because you can never escape what’s in your head.


Things Once Known: A poem of sorts

Music can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to writing, and this little poem is the product of listening to a song on loop.  “Outside” By Hollywood Undead for those who want to know what the song was, and trying to match the over all feel of the song i wrote this.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the read,

Divergent Thoughts


Things Once Known


Once upon a time I knew many things

Once upon a time I knew how to laugh and sing,

I knew the warmth of having love fully shared,

If only I had acted with more caution and care.

A fool of a child, I didn’t understand how precious it was,

A fool of a man, I forgot the damage a harsh word does.

They say that hindsight is twenty twenty,

But looking back now the errors of my way simply pain me.

Errors that I will never forget,

Memories of things I’ll always regret.

So with scars in my heart I keep my back to the past,

Awaiting the day I heal at last.

To once again remember how to laugh and sing,

To once more know the warmth love can bring.