Something on the older side, but I didn’t see it on the list of things I’ve posted here already.

Divergent Thoughts



I can see a flicker in the distance,

A faint light dancing in the gloom.

With each passing moment I worry that it’s going out,

I worry that the world will go dark again.

Even though I’ve never been close enough to feel its warmth,

I still cherish that distant dancing light.

I can only imagine how warm it must feel,

To know the touch of that little light in a world of dark.

As much as a yearn to feel it,

I dare not get any closer.

I dare not do anything to risk putting out that dancing light,

The only light I can see.


Where I’ve always been: A poem

I don’t really have a witty comment to make for this, I just felt like writing a poem. So I wrote one, and this is it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the read.

Divergent Thoughts


Where I’ve always been

I’ll be here, right where you left me
Waiting for the day I see you again.
Longing for another chance to hear your voice,
Missing the feel of your soft hand holding mine.
If I close my eyes, I can still see you smiling
Yet when I open them, you still aren’t here.
Perhaps I’m foolish to think you’ll be back,
But in this world without your light,
I hold close the bright memories I have.
They don’t shed light on the world around me,
But they remind me what it’s like to see.
So I’ll stay here, right where you left me.
Right where I’ve always been.
So if you come here, you’ll find me
I promise.